Saturday, 8 November 2008

Photographing and posting these next onions has made me aware of some interesting difficulties. Not only am I struggling with hue and value changes when the camera and computer screen interfere, but the size is also critical. These are small studies but look much better when viewed from a distance. The first shot is pretty much life-size allowing for a little loss due to cropping, the second one is reduced in size and gives much more the impression when viewed from about four meters away. I constantly step back this distance and more when I'm painting but the blurring this produces is obviously more pronounced in such a small work. I'm not sure yet if this means I have to paint in finer detail at this size.

Onions # 5 and 6, Oil on board, 170x130 mm

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, thanks for dropping by... great onions! I also love that portrait and will be popping back to see how you progress with it. Happy blogging!